About me

Over the past few years alongside my own art practice I have been working as a Freelance Artist in the film Industry making and painting Props and Special Effects.


My practice seeks to balance heartfelt feelings of loss, emptiness and isolation with a sense of anonymity and distance, concentrating on aspects of loneliness and relationship breakdown.

I work across a variety of media for each project but whether through Drawings, Collage, Print, Sculpture, Photography or Video, the pieces are tightly bound to emotionally loaded excerpts of time juxtaposed with an overwhelming sense of void. Text and sound delivers a fragmented narrative derived from hollowed-out generalisations utilising quotes from books, lyrics, TV and film, often merging these with my own writing.

Heavily influenced by current surrounding landscapes combined with personal experiences, I endeavour to create work with a sense of distance, with a voice, which remains lacking in emotion, revealing minimal personal details.

I often work in series as repetition delivers the sort of obsessive compulsion linked to emotional trauma and a vacuous impression devoid of feeling, continually creating multiples, to be shown together as sets or within books.